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Yaber Y60 vs Yaber Y61: Which One is Better?

Yaber Y60 and Yaber Y61 are 2 versions of cheap Chinese projectors available at Amazon. When you are shopping for a cheap projector, most of the specs mentioned in their spec sheet doesn’t make sense. So, don’t get too much excited by looking at the big numbers.


FeatureYaber Y60Yaber Y61
Contrast Ratio (FOFO)5000:16000:1
Native Aspect Ratio4:3/16:9/auto4:3/16:9/auto

As per these specs, both these projectors have a native resolution of 1280×720 displaying 1280 pixels horizontally and 720 pixels vertically.

It looks that the brightness figures are too much exaggerated, even $1000 branded projectors don’t have those many lumens of brightness.

In this Display section, these projectors show their Contrast Ratio as 5000:1 and 6000:1 which is common across cheap projectors in the market.


FeatureYaber Y60Yaber Y61
Light SourceLCDLCD
Light Source Life>=100000H>=100000H

As per Yaber’s claim, the life of the light source is more than 100000 hours which is a bit too much. Typical standard projectors have their lamp source up to 15000 hours.

Content Support

FeatureYaber Y60Yaber Y61
HDR10 SupportNoNo
HLG SupportNoNo

Both these projectors do not support HDR, so certain videos which are HDR10 certified will not play.


FeatureYaber Y60Yaber Y61
Zoom Ratio75-100%75-100%
Digital Lens ShiftNoNo
Keystone AdjustmentManual Correction ±15°Manual Correction ±15°

Both these projectors provide you an option to adjust keystone manually. In their specs, they mentioned “manual correction”, but it is not clear whether it is a verticle keystone adjustment or vertical.

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Dimensions and Weight

FeatureYaber Y60Yaber Y61
Dimensions (W x H x D) inches‎6.29 x 8.66 x 3.15 inches7.70 x 5.90 x 2.90 Inches
Net Weight lbs43.1

Yaber Y61 is smaller than Yaber Y60 in terms of dimensions. Also, Yaber 61 is lightweight of net weight 3.1 lbs.


FeatureYaber Y60Yaber Y61
HDMIx 2x 1
AVx 1x 1
USBx 2x 1
VGAx 1x 1

This is where both Yaber Y60 and Yaber Y61 have some differences. Yaber Y60 has 2 HDMI ports but Yaber Y61 has only 1. From the specs, it is not clear what version of HDMI is supported. Apart from HDMI, both these projectors have 1 AV port and 2 USB ports also.


FeatureYaber Y60Yaber Y61
Speaker3W x 13W x 1
Audio InNot availableNot available
Audio Out3.5mm3.5mm
USB Power OutNot availableNot available

Both these projectors come with low-powered speakers and you can replace them by connecting your favorite speakers to Audio Out port.

Yaber clearly discloses that due to copyright issues, you will not be able to play Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu streaming services.


FeatureYaber Y60Yaber Y61
Input LagUnknownUnknown

Yaber doesn’t disclose the input response specs, but many users reported that when you wirelessly connect the projector from your phone, you can find a lot of lag


FeatureYaber Y60Yaber Y61
Power SupplyAC 90-240VAC 90-240V
Typical Power Consumption65W55W
Standby Power ConsumptionUnknownUnknown
Acoustic Noise (Typ./Eco.)UnknownUnknown
Operating TemperatureUnknownUnknown

What’s in the Box

FeatureYaber Y60Yaber Y61
Remote ControlYesYes
Power CordYesYes
Warranty CardYesYes
AV CableYesYes
HDMI CableYesYes

Where to Buy?

Yaber Y60Yaber Y61
Check AmazonCheck Amazon


Going by the specs Yaber Y60 is good as it provides more ports than what we have in Yaber Y61. But as I said earlier, both these projectors are cheap projectors, ideal for kids to watch cartoon shows and some casual watch during the night.

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Though the specs look below average, there is a lot of good talk about both of these projectors in the user comments section of various shopping portals.

My suggestion would be to save this money on a well-known projector brand and be tension-free.