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Epson 5050UB vs 6050UB: What is the difference?

Epson’s UB series projectors are one of the best known projectors in the home cinema category, where UB stands for Ultra Black. This means that these projectors will give you greater contrast ratio making them the ideal candidates for home theater. Epson 5050UB and 6050UB are the two projectors coming out of this home cinema category and are very popular.

Both Epson 5050UB and Epson 6050UB were launched in 2019. Does Epson 6050UB worth spending more money than Epson 5050UB? Let’s find that out by comparing their specs.

Epson 5050UB and Epson 6050UB Specs Comparison

FeatureEpson 5050UBEpson 6050UB
Projection System3LCD3LCD
Contrast RatioUp to 1,000,000:1Up to 1,200,000:1
Color Brightness2600 lumens2600 lumens
White Brightness2600 lumens2600 lumens
Aspect Ratio16:916:9
Native 4KNoNo
4K EnhancementYes, Pixel-shiftYes, Pixel-shift
3D ResolutionFull HDFull HD
Vertical Keystone Correction±30 degrees±30 degrees
Horizontal Keystone CorrectionNot supportedNot supported
Lens Shift – Vertical±96.3±96.3
Lens Shift – Horizontal±47.1±47.1
Throw Ratio Range1.35 – 2.841.35 – 2.84
Projected Distance50″ – 300″50″ – 300″
Spare LampNoYes
Ceiling MountNoYes
Anamorphic Lens SupportNoYes
Warranty2 years3 years
PriceCheck AmazonCheck Amazon

Looking at these specs, you might have realized that the big difference between these two projectors is the contrast ratio, where Epson 6050UB can display blacks or shadows more natural. Other than contrast ratio, Epson 6050UB supports anamorphic projector lens which you need purchase separately. This support allows you to view movies on a cinemascope screen.

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Apart from these differences, Epson 6050UB comes with a spare lamp and a ceiling mount. Epson 6050UB also has 3 years of warranty that is 1 year additional warranty than Epson 5050UB.

If you are not after anamorphic support and fine to sacrifice the additional contrast ratio that comes with 6050UB, you are good to go with Epson 5050UB.

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But, if your preference is with the contrast ratio, it is worth to spend 1k more, because the additional contrast ratio that comes with 6050UB is not less. Also, it gives additional benefits of a spare lamp, 1 year additional warranty and a ceiling mount.

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