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Sony WH-CH710N vs Anker Life Q30: Which is the Best?

Looking to buy headphones and want to decide between Sony WH-CH710N vs Anker Life Q30? In this post, we’ll see the differences between these 2 headphones and find the best one for your budget.

Key Differences

FeatureSony WH-CH710NAnker Life Q30
Driver Size30mm40mm
Active Noise CancellationHybrid ANCHybrid ANC
Playtime with ANC35 hours40 hours
Playtime without ANC45 hours60 hours
Charging PortUSB-CUSB-C
Dimensions10.2 x 8.3 x 6.6 inches7.68 x 7.09 x 3.07 inches
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Driver Size

Sony WH-CH710N has 30mm whereas Anker Life Q30 comes with 40mm. In headphones, the bigger the driver size the better, so Anker Life Q30 is the clear winner here.

Noise Cancellation

Sony WH-CH710N has both a feedforward microphone and feedback microphone where the mics are placed outside and as well inside of the device. Similarly, Anker Life Q30 has Hybrid ANC which also contains mics outside as well as inside of the headphone to effectively cancel the noise coming from outside. So, it is a tie and no winner in this category.

The noise cancellation technology in these headphones helps to cancel the low-frequency sounds coming from air-conditioners or airplane cabin noise.


In the impedance category, Sony WH-CH710N comes with 72 ohms whereas Anker Life Q30 delivers 16 ohms. Due to the high impedance, Sony WH-CH710N can give you more clear sound and true audio signal than Anker Life Q30.

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The playtime of these headphones varies when you switch on the ANC. Having ANC switched on Sony WH-CH710N can run for 35 hours whereas Anker Life Q30 can last for 40 hours. Similarly, with ANC switched off Sony WH-CH710N can play for 45 hours, however, Anker Life Q30 can entertain you for 60 hours. Anker Life Q30 can run more time with and without ANC, hence the winner in the Playtime segment is Anker Life Q30.


The frequency range tells us how lows and how highs a headphone can play. The frequency response of Sony WH-CH710N (when connected with wire) is 7Hz-20kHz, whereas for Anker Life Q30 it is 16Hz-40kHz. Sony WH-CH710N does best in lows and Anker Life Q30 does best in highs, but it is also decent in lows than many headphones that stop at 20Hz.

For the bass lovers, Sony WH-CH710N is the winner, and for those who love good mids and highs, Anker Life Q30 is a good choice.


The design of this kind of headphones always catches more sounds than your voice. Both Sony WH-CH710N and Anker Life Q30 do average in the microphone segment.


Having Feedforward and Feedback Mics, both Sony WH-CH710N and Anker Life Q30 headphones are of great choice if you are looking for a good noise-canceling headphone. Both have greater amounts of playtime and wide-ranging frequency. However, Sony WH-CH710N can produce a true audio signal with its high impedance. Sony WH-CH710N does best in lows and Anker Life Q30 is decent, whereas, on highs, Anker Life Q30 shines. Sony WH-CH710N is for audiophiles whereas Anker Life Q30 is for regular use. Anker Life Q30 is more budget-friendly as the cost of Sony WH-CH710N is more than double of Anker Life Q30.

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As Anker Life Q30 does tick many good features and is affordable, for me, it is the winner here. However, your preference is the quality of music, and budget is no constraint, Sony WH-CH710N should be your choice.

Sony WH-CH710NAnker Life Q30
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