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Cowin E7 Pro vs Anker Life Q30: Which is the Best?

Looking to buy headphones and want to decide between Cowin E7 Pro vs Anker Life Q30? In this, we’ll see the differences between these 2 headphones and fine the best one for your budget.

Key Differences

FeatureCowin E7 ProAnker Life Q30
Driver Size45mm40mm
Active Noise CancellationFeedforward ANCHybrid ANC
Bluetooth Version4.05.0
Playtime with ANC20 hours40 hours
Playtime without ANC30 hours60 hours
Charging PortMicro USBUSB-C
Dimensions6.54 x 1.97 x 7.13 inches7.68 x 7.09 x 3.07 inches
PriceCheck AmazonCheck Amazon

Driver Size

In headphones, the bigger the driver size the better. Cowin E7 Pro has 45mm whereas Anker Life Q30 comes with 40mm. It doesn’t mean that Anker Life Q30 sounds bad. Here the difference is very less, but still in the driver size segment Cowin E7 Pro scores.

Active Noise Cancellation

Cowin E7 Pro has Feedforward ANC where the mic is placed outside of the headphone whereas Anker Life Q30 has Hybrid ANC which contains mics outside as well as inside of the headphone to effectively cancel the noise coming from outside. Due to its advanced Hybrid ANC technology, in the ANC segment Anker Life Q30 is the winner.

They usually can cancel low frequency sounds coming from air-conditioner or airplane cabin noise, so do not expect them to mute the world.

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The playtime of these headphones vary when you switch on the ANC. Having ANC switched on Cowin E7 Pro can run for 20 hours whereas Anker Life Q30 can last for 20 hours. Similarly, with ANC switched off Cowin E7 Pro can play for 30 hours, however, Anker Life Q30 can entertain you for 60 hours. Anker Life Q30 can run double the time of Cowin E7 Pro with and without ANC, hence the winner in Playtime segment is Anker Life Q30.


The frequency range tells us how lows and how highs a headphone can play. Definitely Anker Life Q30 is winning this race as it boasts a frequency range of 16Hz-40kHz, whereas, Cowin E7 Pro ranges 20Hz-20kHz.

But let me remind you that human hearing capability is between 20Hz-20kHz, so Cowin E7 Pro can produce all those sounds that you can hear. However, Anker Life Q30 can effortlessly play those high frequencies.


The design of this kind of headphones always catch more sounds than your voice. Both Cowin E7 Pro and Anker Life Q30 does average in the microphone segment.



Having Hybrid ANC, greater amounts of playtime and wide ranging frequency, Anker Life Q30 is the one that wins the battle here. However, Cowin E7 Pro gives more features at less price, so you cannot underestimate it. If you are okay to sacrifice the Hybrid ANC for Feedforward ANC, Cowin E7 Pro is good at its price. However, if you travel or listen music in noisy environment, I would opt Anker Life Q30 more.