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BenQ TH585 vs HT2050A: 8 Key Differences Explained

BenQ recently released an all new projector called as BenQ TH585. In this post, we’ll compare it with its one of the previous models BenQ HT2050A to see which one is the best buy.

Key Differences between TH585 and HT2050A

SpecificationBenQ TH585BenQ HT2050A
Brightness3500 lumens2200 lumens
Contrast Ratio10,000:115,000:1
Throw Ratio1.50 ~ 1.65 (100″ @ 3.32 m)1.15 – 1.5 (100″ @ 2.5m)‎
Zoom Ratio1.1x1.3x
Lamp LifeNormal 4,000 hours
Eco 10,000 hours
SmartEco 8,000 hours
LampSave 15,000 hours
Normal 3500 hours
Economic 5000 hours
SmartEco 7000 hours‎
Keystone AdjustmentVertical ± 30 degreesVertical & Horizontal +/- 30 degrees
Input Lag16ms16.67ms
Noise35/29 dB29/27 dB
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Common Key Features in TH585 and HT2050A

Projection SystemDLP
Resolution1080p (1920×1080)
Native Aspect Ratio16:9
Light SourceLamp
3D CompatibleYes


The brightness of HT2050A is 2200 ANSI lumens, however TH585 features 3500 ANSI lumens. TH585 is ideal for a living room entertainment even though you have well lit ambience, however, BenQ HT2050A needs a darker room. Since, BenQ markets HT2050A as a home theater projector, it is expected to have low brightness which is a standard across the main stream home theater projectors. Because home theater projectors typically installed in dedicated dark room, we really don’t need high lumens of brightness.

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If you are installing the projector in your living room with moderate ambient lighting, it would be better to go for BenQ TH585.

Contrast Ratio

As you can see, the Contrast Ratio of BenQ HT2050A is greater than BenQ TH585, which makes it a winner in this segment. So BenQ HT2050A can display the blacks and whites in an image more appropriately than BenQ TH585, though not at the best home theater level.

Throw Ratio

BenQ HT2050A can produce a 100″ display from just 2.5m distance, however BenQ TH585 needs it to be placed 3.32m far, almost a meter difference. This may not be a big problem, if you have long enough space in the room. But anyway, BenQ HT2050A gets the marks to throw a 100″ display in lesser distance.

Zoom Ratio

A BenQ HT2050A can zoom into 1.3x than the lowest possible image size, however, BenQTH585 can zoom only 1.1x. Though I’m not fan of zooming the images. This is one of the handy feature that you can achieve without moving the projector.

Lamp Life

In this Lamp Life segment, BenQ TH585 leads the competition with its 15,000 hours of Lamp Life which is max achievable, whereas, BenQ HT2050A can achieve just half of what BenQ TH585 can achieve. So, in this segment we have BenQ TH585 as the winner.

Keystone Adjustment

BenQ HT2050A can adjust the keystone both vertically and horizontally in 30 degrees which is a cool feature to be able to project on different kind of surfaces. Say, for example, the surface could be slant. Whereas, BenQ TH585 can adjust the image only vertically 30 degrees.

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Input Lag

There is a marginal difference between TH585 and HT2050A in terms of Input Lag which helps users to play games on this projector, yet find lesser lag. BenQ TH585 has the least input lag value of 16ms, however HT2050A has 16.67. Now, the winner is TH585.


BenQ HT2050A produces the least noise level 29/27 than of BenQ TH585 which makes noise at 35/29 which is louder than that of HT2050A.


Looking at these numbers, we can find that the differences are very less or marginal. So, I would go for the recently released BenQ TH585, as this gives us brighter image quality and longer lamp life.