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Best Screen for Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

To get the most out of your Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector, it is very important to choose the right screen. Having the right screen will significantly improve the quality of the image. In this article, I’ve selected some of the best projector screens which are exclusively for Ultra Short Throw Laser Projectors.

All-in-all, I loved the Elite Screens Aeon CLR Series to be best as it is affordable and at the same time it can produce great quality picture.

Elite Screens Aeon CLR Series

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The Aeon CLR series from Elite Screens is a patented edge-free screen designed for use in a wide variety of projection systems. This is one of the best options available to you in the market. Pricey, but it is worth of every penny you spend on it.

Using its CLR (CEILING LIGHT-REJECTING) technology, the product rejects light, which is coming from the ceiling. They tailored these screens for ultra-short throw projectors mounted on a tabletop.

Elite Screens’ Aeon CLR is an edgeless CLR screen with their innovative StarBright CLR (Ceiling Light Rejecting) material. Because of its serriform optical surface microstructure, ambient light from overhead sources has little effect on the screen. A projection screen of this type can offer a contrast level 100 times greater than that of a standard matte white projection screen. It absorbs up to 95% of overhead lighting. Ultra-wide 180° viewing angles maintain uniform picture quality while allowing viewers to spread out.


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With its unique optical sawtooth structure and the light-rejecting filter, the Vivid Storm UST ALR screen material gives a stunning performance in ceiling ambient light, thanks to the material’s optical serrated structure and a light suppressing filter. The projected light will be effectively reflected to the viewer, whereas any light coming from above will be blocked or absorbed.

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It is very easy to use, all you need to do is just plug it in and use the remote to open the screen. The screen pops up with a click of a button from your remote and it would take approx 30 seconds to complete the motorized pop-up process.

Below link is for a 92″ screen, however, they have other models starting from 72″ to 120″ which you can choose from the page.

VAVA ALR Projector Screen

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Any projector with an ultra-short throw will pair well with a VAVA Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) screen. On the video projection screen, you will find deep black levels, excellent contrast, and excellent color saturation. 

It’s a huge projector screen that lets you see incredible images. Through its unique grid structure, ALR blocks out up to 92% of overhead light, reducing washed-out colors, while improving sharpness and color saturation.

It offers virtually perfect viewing from all seated or standing angles, with a diagonal of 100 inches and a cone of 160 degrees, it will give the same image quality whether you are directly in front of the screen or seated off-center. The screen frame is reduced to just 0.4 inches in size, providing edge-to-edge viewing.

Ultimately, it is a projector screen of fixed dimensions, so if you want something that you can take up and fold it after viewing, this isn’t the model for you.

elunevision Aurora 8K

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The Elunevision Aurora Ultra Short Throw Projection Screen can create an image of up to 120″ at a very short throw distance. Not only it will save space, but you can now get TV-quality screen with a much bigger image size. And yes, it is for an 8K UST projector.

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This screen is designed to maintain the best possible picture quality in any environment. With Nano Lens Technology, Aurora UST Screens filter out 90% of ambient light efficiently and only reflect the projector’s light back to the audience. With this, the image contrast increases by 900%, ensuring that you can see every last detail, even in the bright room.

The screen is covered with ridges that are shaped pyramidally. These ridges reflect light coming from the ceiling onto the audience, while rejecting light coming from the ceiling.

The 6x layer of coats on the reflection side provides the brightest and highest contrast image possible by using a special optical coating on a reflection side.

Carbon matrix absorption represents the ability to absorb 90% of stray light using a special carbon matrix.

elunevision Reference 8K UST NanoEdge

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Reference 8k Ultra Short Throw NanoEdge projector screen is yet another 8K projector screen from elunevision. This one is a little cheaper than the earlier one. Elunevision says that a Reference 8K screen provides 500% more contrast than a regular screen. If your projector is 8K, then it would make sense to use it.

The Reference 8K Ultra Short Throw Projection Screen plays at 120 inches and creates a cinematic experience. Having a Reference 8K UST screen paired with an Ultra Short Throw projector will give you the most amazing movie experience in both moderate ambient light and a dark room.

Designed specifically for use with ultra short throw projectors, these screens optimize the image from the projector to its highest quality. This will not only save up your room space but also produce a higher contrast, better quality image that very much resembles what you see on TV.

ViewSonic BCP120

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Designed for the ultra-short throw projectors with a 0.30 throw ratio or less, the ViewSonic BrilliantColorPanel BCP120 is a great option for ultra-short throw screens. 

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BCP120’s 120-inch screen size and 16:9 aspect ratio are ideal for delivering high-quality 1080p images. 

Through the diffusion of high ambient light, this screen enhances picture contrast and eliminates washed out images, making it perfect for commercial and classroom use, as well as public displays and home theaters. 

Simple, straightforward design enables the BCP120 to be assembled and mounted with included hardware in minutes.

Whether you are seated in front of the screen or on the side, an image of the same quality will be delivered.

Akia Screens Edge Free Fixed Frame Projector Screen

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Akia Thin Edge Free Fixed Frame Screens are top-quality projection screens that include everything needed to experience an exciting home theater or professional presentation virtually anywhere you can hang the screen.

The CLR 4 is a ceiling ambient light rejecting front projection material designed specifically for tabletop-mounted ultra-short throw projectors that reject the washout effects of room lighting. Rejects 85% of Overhead Light while Enhancing Contrast 80x Compared to Standard Matte White Screens.

The thin bezel provides a wider viewing surface and 170-degree wide-viewing angle.

Diagonal display size is 123-inches, HD aspect ratio is 16:9. Overall assembled size should be 50.9-inches height, 89.9-inches width, and 1.3-inches depth.

The ALR screen material is CLR4, encompassing a 170° viewing angle with a 0.8 gain.