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Vankyo Leisure 3 vs Vankyo Leisure 470: Which is the Best?

Vankyo Leisure 3 and Vankyo Leisure 470 are entry-level mini projectors. Vankyo is quickly catching up with the projector space, and they are pocket friendly. You don’t have to spend fortunes to get decent quality videos. Its Leisure 3 model is one of the best-selling projectors on Amazon. In this post, we’ll go through various specs of both Vankyo Leisure 3 and Leisure 470, and we’ll decide which would be a good buy. As I said, both these models are budget-friendly, so if you are entering into the home-theatre world, these options will give you a great opportunity to test the waters without burning a hole in your pocket.

FeatureLeisure 3Leisure 470
Display TechnologyLCDLCD
Native Resolution800 x 4801280 x 720
ANSI Lumens60120
Aspect Ratio4:3/16:94:3/16:9
Contrast Ratio2000:13,500:1
Light SourceLEDLED
Lamp Life40,000 hours50,000 hours
Keystone+/- 15+/- 15
Built-in SpeakerYes, 2W x 2Yes, 3W x 1
Minimum View Size32″39″
Maximum View Size176″250″
Minimum Projection Distance4.9 feet4.27 feet
Maximum Projection Distance16 feet26.57 feet
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon


The sharpness of a projector is determined by its native resolution. Leisure 3 is 800×480, but Leisure 470 has 1280×720. That means Leisure 470 can produce a better resolution image on the screen with crisp details.

You can tweak the settings of both Leisure 3 and Leisure 470 to make them display a 1080p content that is a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

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Though these projectors support 1080p resolution, you need to understand that it is not their native resolution. So if you are planning to run PowerPoint presentations with small font, it will not be readable with either of these two projectors. It is preferable to buy a projector that natively supports 1080p resolution.


The contrast ratio specs that you see on the specification sheet will determine how natural the shades will be. In this contrast ratio segment, Leisure 3 supports 2000:1 whereas Leisure 470 supports 3,500:1. A higher contrast ratio of Leisure 470 will produce more shades from black to white which give a more natural look to the images on the screen.

Both Leisure 3 and Leisure 470 have a low contrast ratio when you compare them with higher-end projectors. However, Leisure 470 has a decent contrast ratio that gets the job done for casual watching.

To give you an example, if you are watching a scene with a night sky, the black levels of the sky will be more black and natural in Leisure 470 in comparison with Leisure 3. Though Leisure 470 is nowhere near a standard home-theatre projector.


The lumens specs that you see on the specification sheet is what determines how bright a projector display would be. Leisure 3 comes with 60 lumens and Leisure 470 comes with 120 lumens. Both these lumen numbers are way low than what you find on a branded projector. But that doesn’t mean that it is not viewable. Definitely, the brightness is low and you need to create a dark environment before you start watching videos on these projectors.

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If you are planning to watch movies with lights on and windows open, or you planning to watch on these projectors outdoors in daylight, it may not be the right option for you.

If you are planning to watch it outdoors, the ideal time would be nighttime. For home, an ideal location would be a bedroom where you can control the amount of light coming into your room.


Vankyo Leisure 470 has a better feature through which you can cast your mobile screen to the projector. It is a great feature at this price range. You can quickly cast movies, sports or anything from your mobile without having to deal with the hassle of connections etc., This feature is not available in Leisure 3.

Who should use these projectors?

These projectors are good for light entertainment and not recommended for power point presentations etc.,


After looking at all these specs, we can see that Vankyo Leisure 470 is the clear winner. The key differences are the native resolution and contrast ratio in both of these areas Vankyo Leisure 470 wins the race.